June 25, 2024

How to Link Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console: Step-by-Step Guide

Integrating Google Analytics 4 with Google Search Console is a powerful way to enhance your understanding of your website’s performance. This connection provides a more holistic view of your SEO efforts and user behavior, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your site. Follow this step-by-step guide to seamlessly link these tools and unlock valuable insights for your business.
Step 1. Click on “Admin” in the lower-left corner.
Скриншот 24.06.24_17.25.54.png
Step 2. Scroll down and find the “Product links” card, then click on “Search Console links”.
Скриншот 24.06.24_17.28.17.png
Step 3. Click «Link».
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Step 4. Click «Choose accounts».
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Step 5. Select a Search Console property and click «Confirm».
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Step 6. Click «Next».
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Step 7. Select the desired Web Stream and proceed to the next step.
Скриншот 25.06.24_14.21.49.png Скриншот 25.06.24_14.22.36.png Скриншот 25.06.24_14.23.14.png
Step 8. Check that the resource and Web Stream match, and click «Submit».
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This will generate a "Link Created" icon, indicating that you have successfully linked a Google Search Console account to Google Analytics 4.
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Where to find GSC data in Google Analytics 4?

After completing the steps above, you might be wondering where to find the Google Search Console reports in Google Analytics. The answer is straightforward. Let me show you:

  1. Go to the GA4 account you have linked to the GSC and click the Reports tab.
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  1. Reload the page and the GSC reports will appear in the left navigation menu.
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