Contextual advertising, PPC

Increasing advertising on Google Search, Google resources such as Gmail, Youtube, Bing and Google partner resources on the Internet.

Low starting budget

You can run contextual advertising even with a small budget and get a result under these conditions.

Quick launch and result

Advertising campaigns on Google are launched quickly and you can receive orders from customers already from the first days of advertising.

Maximum coverage of the target audience

Google reaches over 2 million sites on the web and Google's own resources to find your customers.

Efficient setup and management

Google works on artificial intelligence to find users who will buy and leave applications, but it also has manual settings.

Advantages of contextual advertising

A versatile marketing tool suitable for small, medium or large businesses that have their own website, trade or provide services to the public or plan to promote their brand.

Why should you order contextual advertising?

Google advertising has significant advantages over other types of advertising.

  • Reaching the target audience - conducting contextual advertising involves the use of many tools that can be used to attract those who will definitely be interested in your product or service.
  • It is shown to customers at the exact moment when they are looking for a product or service offered by the business.
  • The result in the shortest possible time - contextual advertising works immediately from the moment of launch, and you can get calls and sales even on the first day. And after training campaigns, the result will improve and with proper optimization, the result will improve exponentially.

Digital Art Agency is a Google Certified Partner, which means that when you order ppc promotion services from us, you can be sure that the work will be done at a high level.


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The launch of advertising in Google Ads consists of the following stages


What types of contextual advertisements are presented by us

Context-media network (CMS)

The KMS campaign is displayed in the form of banners on various Internet sites with an appeal to visit the customer's site and order services (or buy goods). Adjusts to different audiences, suitable for businesses or visitors to the campaign site (remarketing) or visitors to other sites, such as competitors' sites.


These are carousel ads that appear in the YouTube feed, in the "Social Networks" section, "Promotions" in Gmail and in the Google news feed. Great for cold audiences who weren't looking for a specific product, but don't mind trying something new, helps attract new customers. The algorithm consists of user actions on YouTube, Play Market, in the context-media network and other services.

Trade campaign

It shows ads in the form of images with the main information about the product: photo, name, price. The main advantage of such advertising is that the client immediately sees the product, the price of the product, and immediately understands whether it is the product that he needs or not. So we don't spend the budget on clicks if the product doesn't suit the customer. In addition, the user can see several of your product ads and text ads if they match their query. A shopping campaign is ideal for promoting an online store. The system itself determines for which requests to show ads, based not on keywords, but on the product attributes specified by you in the feed.

Smart campaign

An automated campaign that manages advertising in Google Ads. The system itself determines how the advertisement will look, to whom to show it and how much to pay per click. You only need to upload the necessary information, and the system will combine various options suitable for advertising platforms. The goal of this campaign is to expand the reach of interested users. It sounds very convenient, but there are nuances: during testing, you cannot change the daily budget often, you cannot influence the content and design of ads in manual mode. Also, Smart Campaigns cannot be launched at the start of an ad run.

Search advertising

These are text ads shown to users who are currently searching for your service or product on Google. These ads lead the user to your site. The advantage of such advertising is that it attracts a warm audience that is already interested in your product.

Local campaign

A campaign best suited for offline businesses: cafe, shop, repair shop, etc. Such ads are shown to users who are looking for a product in a certain location or are in it themselves. Shown on Google Maps. With the help of a local campaign, you will be able to increase offline sales at your points and advertise the point that has recently opened, but such a campaign practically does not give online sales, so it is better for online stores to order other advertising campaigns.

Video advertising

Advertising video is placed on video sites such as YouTube, inside videos and on Google partner sites. Ordering such contextual advertising is necessary to achieve marketing goals such as brand recognition and increasing customer loyalty.